As a child, I grew up in a girly-girl environment filled with imagination, fantasy, and (of course) fairies. If, like me, you are also infatuated with fairy tales and fantasy, then you are going to love these stockings! 

Etsy seller Lirika Matoshi has made a living from creating stockings that bring your favourite ‘fandoms’ to life! From magical forests to princess cosplay, this store specializes in the most captivating and creative stockings that I have ever seen.

The stunning fishnet stockings are embroidered with a number of items; including beautiful beads, flowers, and even glass. They are all individually handcrafted to be unique, colourful  and of a very high quality. These vibrant fishnets come in all shapes and sizes to suit ones preference from a Poison Ivy look, through to a subtle and elegant design of sheer beauty. 

As if these fairy tale fishnet stockings are not great enough, I have something even more magical to share. After the release of the fairy tale fishnets, Etsy seller Tinkercast had a different, yet equally creative, idea. Tinkercast has created something that every little girl (or woman) has definitely dreamed of being… even more than a fairy! Yes, you guessed it: MERMAIDS!

Now I am not talking about full length mermaid tails. Rather, Tinkercast has successfully designed the stockings to look as though one is in the process of growing a mermaid tail (I know right – so cool!). This is achieved through colouful scales made of silicone and the addition of glitter.

Both the fairytale fishnets and the mermaid stockings are customizable to suit your own preferences. Not only that, but these Etsy stores also make beautiful chokers, socks, gloves and headpieces. So to all the dreamers out there – all those in love with the fantasy world – this is without a doubt the perfect way to live your fandom, and to look completely stylish while doing so. No doubt that these fishnet stockings will add sparkle and joy to any dull day.

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