I think we can all agree that getting up early in the morning can be a real drag. Especially after a late night. Hence why starting off your day with something like a glitter cappuccino might be the answer to those morning struggles. Just hear me out.

Although I feel that I am definitely a morning person – I wake up in a cheerful mood and am ready to get up and start my day (after a good cup of coffee of course) – the actual act of having to open my eyes, climb out of bed and jump in the shower can feel like such a chore. Some days, after being up very late “studying”, not even a good mundane cup of coffee can get my eyes to fully open or convince my legs to walk me to the bathroom. That is until I discovered what a certain café has in store for its visitors. My new found knowledge allowed me to realise that it is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but rather a sparkly glitter cappuccino!

Coffee By Di Bella is a highly acclaimed café that is situated in Mumbai. They specialise in alluring cups of “Diamond Cappuccinos” that have been perfected with a dazzle of glitter to brighten up your day. Yes that’s right! Say it with me: glitter cappuccino. Even better, the glitter is also edible.

Although the accoutrement does not add any significant flavours to your nicely brewed cappuccino, it does have the added perk of filling your heart with child-like wonder and excitement (and of course gives you a better reason to get up in the morning).

These mesmerising cups of coffee are no doubt what mythical creatures like mermaids and unicorns enjoy in their spare time. It is why I like Coffee By Di Bella‘s idea so much. It gives coffee drinkers the ability to dream to their hearts content (and what better thing to dream about than coffee – am I right?). There is simply no end to your imagination with these unique java delights.

Now, as a coffee enthusiast, I can honestly say that being able to drink this coffee would take my avid coffee drinking skills to a whole new (some might say unhealthy) level. I would love to hear how you feel about this exciting new discovery! Comment below if you totally want one of these glitter cappuccinos in your life.

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Dani is an avid coffee drinker (some might even use the word 'addict') who lives life to the fullest. She enjoys getting lost in television series ranging from The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones to Attack on Titan and One Punch Man. She is currently a Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Psychology and Linguistics with the hopes of one day opening her own practice.