As a gamer, you do not mind splurging on new games or computer components. With that said, having to purchase a new chair is usually overlooked completely and is most definitely not the first item on your priority list of immediate purchases. However, I understand that ergonomic comfort is just as important as obtaining that kill streak, which is why I am excited to inform all gamers that the popular DXRacer Gaming Chairs are finally available in South Africa. Given the costs involved with buying one of these “accessories”, it is only fitting that I relay my hands-on experience with them.

At the launch event held at Evetech Solutions, Taygan (@FreeTeeJay) and I had the privilege of experiencing the DXRacer Gaming Chairs for ourselves. In order to better understand why anyone would need one of these chairs, we decided to put them, and our ‘behinds’, to the test. As such, we started off the day by attempting to accrue some ‘wins’ in Overwatch, all whilst sitting comfortably in the latest DXRacer.

These chairs were extremely comfortable – more so than we imagined they would be! In particular, one thing that stood out for us both was the full spine support with the high backrest. Not only is it fully supportive, but it also has levers that allow you to adjust the angle of the back of the chair as well as the armrest. This made finding a comfortable position really simple, ensuring that our comfort needs were met – not something that many other chairs can boast. I now also understand why even though DXRacer Gaming Chairs were originally designed and marketed to enhance ‘gaming experiences’ for lengthened periods of time, they have become a huge hit in the workplace. After all, comfort often equates to productivity.

Now I have to admit that I am not much of a gamer (although I do dabble in a good game of Candy Crush every now and then). Even so, I was completely blown away at how such an ergonomic gaming chair could be the epitome of leisure. Although they may be quite a bit more expensive than conventional chairs, I would personally recommend them to anyone who has to sit for hours a day. Whether you are a committed gamer, someone who works prolonged periods of time in the workplace or someone who is concerned with good posture, I would say that these chairs would be a great investment. 

I would also like to mention that a competition was held by Evetech during the DXRacer launch event. The competition was simple: attendees needed to take a photo in one of the chairs and post it to Instagram (under the hashtag #DXRacerZA). Thereafter, the best photo was chosen and that person was given the option to pick any of the available DXRacer Gaming Chairs. Obviously that meant that Taygan and I were going to submit multiple entires, as we were determined to bring one of these ‘bad boys’ back to the Vamers Studio (hence the photographs you see in this article). Alas we did not win, although we did have fun trying. A special shout-out to Marco Cocomello from MWEB for winning the chair of his choice! 

Gamer or not, the DXRacer Gaming Chairs are some of the best chairs that I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in – my bum felt right at home! The full range of DXRacer Gaming Chairs are now available for pre-order directly from Evetech.

Dani is an avid coffee drinker (some might even use the word 'addict') who lives life to the fullest. She enjoys getting lost in television series ranging from The Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones to Attack on Titan and One Punch Man. She is currently a Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Psychology and Linguistics with the hopes of one day opening her own practice.