Anyone who has searched Google for gaming chairs will undoubtedly have come across results for DXRacer. These incredible chairs not only look great but they also promise extreme long-term gaming comfort. Alas, for the longest time, these speciality chairs were not available for purchase in South Africa. Thankfully, that has changed.

Megarom has announced that starting from today, you can pre-order your very own DXRacer gaming chair from Evetech! The official news follows a post that featured on Evetech’s Facebook page a few months ago, asking fans if they would be interested in gaming chairs. Goodness knows that I was/am!

Sit Better. Work Harder. Game Longer.

DXRacer chairs are set apart by the fact that they are designed to give the user an unrivalled level of comfort. According to the statement, “DXRacer chairs are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The level of comfort our products offer is unrivalled. Originally conceived to heighten the gaming experience, DXRacer has evolved to become not only the seat of choice for getting your game on but for working hard at the office, too”.

A few years ago I decided to try and import one myself, but I found out that it would simply cost too much to do it on my own. Thanks to Megarom, the DXRacer chairs are now available locally and at fairly reasonable prices – starting from R5.999. The pricing is decent, especially if you have looked at importing one yourself.

Evetech now has the various models of DXRacer chairs available to purchase online. The Formula Series is not only the most affordable of the bunch, but it also looks the best, in my opinion. You can order your chair in a vast number of colours, ranging from basic black to fancy red and black, or even blue, orange, or white.

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Moving on to the Racing, and Racing Shield series, you get a fancier little cushion and backrests. The Racing Series also features a beautiful looking Brown and Burgandy chair. These are a bit more expensive, starting at R7,999 ZAR.

DXRacer also has models for the really specific peeps out there. The Iron, and King Series are the top of the line DXRacer chairs. These offer a lot more customisation and colour options. They offer thicker cushions, more stylised bucket-seat designs and extreme long-term comfort. These start out at R8,999 ZAR.

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Last, but certainly not least, you also get the Tank Series. These chairs are for the super serious gamers with a lot of dosh to spare. These are the best of the best, and they have a price that matches. Coming in at R10,999 ZAR, you can bet your pretty little credit card that you cannot get a better DXRacer chair than these.

So, whatever your preferred poison is, it seems that DXRacer and Evetech have you covered. I certainly know what next year’s birthday present to myself will be.

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