Looking at Nerf guns makes me want to be a child again. However, that does not mean that now, as a young adult, I would not jump at the opportunity to join in on a Nerf gun war (an opportunity to shoot my friends and co-workers? Sign me up!). Furthermore, like me, I doubt you would dare to go into battle with a Nerf gun that you know nothing about. After all, knowing your shooting range and speed might vey well determine the outcome of the match. Thus, I have taken the time to investigate some of the coolest Nerf guns on the market, and I am thrilled to share one of my favourites (if not the best one yet).

Coming soon, from a galaxy far, far away, is the new Nerf Rival Star Wars Battlefront Apollo XV-700 Blaster (a mouthful of a name)! In my opinion, there is no better way to gear up for a Nerf battle than to assume the guise of a Mandalorian warrior. It seems as if Nerf agrees, because this new Star Wars themed set includes a reusable display box, blaster, face-mask, and 7 foam rounds. It even includes a Mandalorian insignia patch that will make you feel invincible.

You may be asking yourself how I deem a themed gun, with the addition of some props, to mean that it is the most fantastic Nerf gun I have yet seen. Well, as Darth Vader himself would say, “I find your lack of faith disturbing”. The precision and power of the gun sets it a part from the others and gives this gun its high appraisal. For instance, the NERF Rival Star Wars Battlefront gun, has the power to send foam rounds at a velocity of 30m/s (the force is strong with this one).

It also has a user-friendly ‘easy reload magazine system’, allowing you to one-up your opponents on the battlefield. The mask offers a breathable design and is adjustable (it might even fit Hans). Although the mask is just for aesthetics and is not made to be a protective device, it sure does add an intimidating look that will strike fear into opponents! You hear that #VCrewZA? I am coming for you!

The Nerf Rival Star Wars Battlefront Apollo XV-700 Blaster and Face Mask Set is due to be released to the public on 17 November 2017 (the same day as Star Wars Battlefront II). It is currently available for pre-order through Gamestop for $89.99. So use that inner childhood force and order one now because this set will give you the quality, confidence and (most definitely) the power you need to win any Nerf war that comes your way.

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