E3, the Entertainment Electronic Exposition, is all set to go down from next week Tuesday, 7th June 2011, at the Los Angeles Convention center. Everyone knows that it is the premier annual video games event and is not to be missed. Truth be told, I was actually supposed to attend E3 this year but I had to unfortunately cancel the trip due to matters of a personal nature. However, all is not lost, courtesy of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

For all intent and purpose, E3 is a press event and is thus not available for attendance by the general public. A real bummer for the average joe. With that said, the ESA are finally doing something about this gaping pothole that every gamer who dreams of attending E3 inevitably drives into. Welcome, E3 Insider!

E3 Insider 2011

From the 31st May 2011, the ESA are hoping that E3 Insider (www.E3Insider.com) will be your port of call for all news and information related to E3. As such the site promises to offer:

  • Up-to-the minute industry updates, interviews of industry leaders, and product news
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes event coverage and uniquely in-depth interviews and information
  • Virtual Exhibitor Booths featuring the most comprehensive, objective information on all the products showcased at E3
  • Coverage of event happenings including live interviews from the show floor and live streaming of the major press conferences
  • First Looks features, highlighting never-before-seen games and products that consumers are waiting to see
  • Interactive Show Floor Map using cutting edge technology that will depict the show’s hot spots in real time enabling users to follow the “virtual crowds” around the floor
  • An app-like experience that will give game enthusiasts a feeling of being at E3 live, in real time
  • Downloadable photos and screenshots
  • Gamer’s Choice: based on real-time actions of site visitors, game enthusiasts can see the most Viewed Games, Hottest Games and Most Anticipated Games

It sure sounds promising, does it not? If the ESA can really pull this off then it would make a lot of people happy, myself included. Let us hold thumbs that it works just as advertised!

Here is the full press release:

E3 Launches Real-Time Virtual Experience Web Site with E3Insider.com

Platform Enables Game Enthusiasts to Virtually Participate in E3 2011

Washington, DC – May 31, 2011 – Millions of gamers around the world will now be able to access E3 2011 with the launch of E3 Insider (www.E3Insider.com), the Entertainment Software Association announced today. E3 Insider provides a virtual event experience exclusive in-depth interviews, behind-the-scenes looks at the event, and previews into highly-anticipated computer and video games.


Starting today, E3 Insider will feature pre-show coverage and a steady stream of exhibitors’ virtual booth content such as announcements, screens and video trailers. Beginning June 6, 2011, E3 Insider will provide a real-time news feed, streaming coverage of press conferences, exclusive video interviews, and a comprehensive virtual E3 experience accessible from web and mobile browsers.


“E3 is the leading computer and video game event in the world. Millions of enthusiasts who want to attend will now be able to have the same incredible experience as the attendees on the exhibit floor,” said Rich Taylor, senior vice president for communications and industry affairs at the ESA. “We’re proud to offer this opportunity to gamers and look forward to their enthusiasm for the innovative and remarkable entertainment that will be unveiled at E3.”


Each E3 exhibitor will be featured on E3 Insider through a virtual booth that includes its latest announcements, screenshots, game trailers and exclusive show floor video interviews.


Visitors will be able to rate their interest in company announcements through voting polls and real-time social data that will reveal the most viewed games and the most anticipated games of the show.


E3 Insider was developed in cooperation with IDG Entertainment/GamePro Media, which provides content for targeted audiences. An interactive show floor map, using a real time Web communication platform powered by Kaazing, will display a “heat map” identifying where virtual “crowds” are gathering. Using the heat map, site visitors can immediately follow the hot stories and games at the event. Both during and after the event, exhibitors will have access to site analytics that gauge consumer interest in their activities at E3.


Follow E3 Insider on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/E3-Insider/114121875340060

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/E3Insider

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialE3Insider


The Entertainment Software Association is the U.S. association dedicated to serving the business and public affairs needs of companies publishing interactive games for video game consoles, handheld devices, personal computers, and the Internet. The ESA offers services to interactive entertainment software publishers including a global anti-piracy program, owning the Electronic Entertainment Expo, business and consumer research, federal and state government relations, First Amendment and intellectual property protection efforts. For more information, please visit www.theESA.com.


(Source: ESA)


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