Black Friday is almost upon us! It is time to get out those piggy banks, unzip those wallets, and dig up those savings for a whole weekend of awesome deals! Who knows, they might just turn into Christmas presents because things are getting hot in here and we all have money to spend, right? Well, maybe.

Purchasing gifts for family members (especially those who are gamers) can be quite challenging and much less forgiving on the pockets. Luckily, Prima Interactive has been kind enough to shower us with a few Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

The deals below are especially nice for anyone who wants to upgrade their friends and family’s gaming setups with even greater hardware. Without further ado, here are the official Prima Interactive Xbox One Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday deals.

Xbox One S Console R3 599.00
Xbox One S + Wireless ControllerR4 699.00
Xbox One XR6 999.00

While the deals above may seem a bit lacklustre, they are actually pretty decent considering how they are simple and to the point. Perfect for anyone who wants to up their Xbox game this holiday season. This deal might even be good for someone who does not yet have an Xbox!

Microsoft realises how services are the way of the future. More often than not, buying a new console also comes with a code for a free Game Pass trial. If you are lucky, you will also get a free Xbox Live Gold trial in the box. These are two great services where you not only get the option of four free games a month, but they also open up an entire library of games to download and play at your leisure.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s sudden acquisition of several third-party development studios ensures the steady release and availability of new and interesting games and intellectual properties in 2020 and beyond. If you know someone who does not have an Xbox, this might be the perfect time to get on board and ride the train!

Prima Interactive says these deals will extend to all leading South African retailers. Will you be getting an Xbox One S or Xbox One S? Let us know!

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