San Diego Comic-Con 2018 had a few surprises up its sleeve. One of those surprises was a brand-new story trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4, which teased the Classic Spidey suit. The same trailer also spawned a bunch of reports that confirmed many of the alternate Spidey Suits that players will see in the game. As such, I have put together a list of every confirmed Spider-Man suit so far. Enjoy!

1. & 2. The Classic Spidey suit (Torn & Repaired variants)

The Classic Spidey suit is just that: a classic. While not exactly the ‘first’, it is the primary suit that gained traction among fans. The Classic Spidey suit first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962) and was designed by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee.

In most adaptations of Peter Parker, he is seen designing and creating his own suits. The Classic Spidey suit is usually the basis of these designs. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy (2002 – 2007), for instance, featured two variations on the classic suit; while Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) is based on the classic suit, but heavily modified. Many fans would go so far as to say that the suit featured in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) is a unique suit., for

Whatever your stance may be on the status of the Classic Spidey suit in the films, it goes without saying that the inclusion of the suit in the upcoming Spider-Man game is one heck of a homage to the original comic book version.

3. Advanced Suit

The Advanced suit is, for all intent and purpose, the game’s default suit. Peter Parker crafts this suit at no cost in the opening hour of the game, and subsequently dons it all the way through to the end (that is, if the player does not decide on wearing another spidey suit).

The Advanced suit features a beautifully designed white logo, which is unique to this game, emblazoned on top of the classic red and blue design of the Classic suit. It is a “sporty” design in all senses of the term, since Insomniac Games took inspiration from sportswear instead of the usual latex or craft designs of past suits.

4. Spider-Punk

The Spider-Punk suit is definitely an odd-ball appearance, considering its design, origins, and intended wearer. With that said, it is not stranger than The Bombastic Bag Man which, incidentally, is first on my wishlist for the game – so who am I to judge.

Spider-Punk is a “rocking” costume meant to turn heads. The spidey suit, which is a pre-order incentive for the game, originates from the Spider-Verse crossover event. Its wearer, Hobart Brown from Earth-138, first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10 (January 2015), and is coloured male – much like the more popular Miles Morales. It is a fairly recent suit that can tap into the power of an electric guitar.

Spider-Punk himself played a minor role in the grand scheme of things, but managed to make a lasting impression thanks to his unique way of fighting crime. This should definitely be a hoot to play once Marvel’s Spider-Man releases.

5. Spider-Man Noir

Now here is a suit that I actually forgot about, but one that is honestly super cool. Spider-Man Noir is a fancy dark suit donned by Peter Parker of Earth-90214. It has a comic book line of its own appropriately called Spider-Man Noir and was published in February 2009.

This suit revolves around a much darker and grittier world in which Peter Parker is a cynical investigative reporter. The story is set in an alternative time as well: during The Great Depression of the 1930s. During this time, Peter wages a brutal war against an underground criminal organisation and is hell-bent on bringing their crimes to light. The issue is that the world around him may not even care anymore.

The Spider-Man Noir suit is a fan-favourite. It has a special ability that can jam enemy communications, which comes in handy during his crusade against the criminal organisation. Spider-Man Noir also appears in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, where around a quarter of the game is dedicated to just him! The Noir suit also appears in Spider-Man Unlimited (2014), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2012), and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (2017).

6. Spider-Armour MK II

The Spider-Armour MK II may not look it, but it is certainly quality armour. Peter created the suit in Horizon Labs after he discovered that he lost his Spider-Sense. The armour is reinforced and features upgraded webbing and enhanced durability. Without his Spider-Sense, Peter can get shot much easier – this suit was designed to directly combat that threat.

This spidey suit first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #656 (May 2011), with the tagline “the debut of the NEW SPIDER-ARMOR!”. It is touted as an “all-powerful” costume that can take on Peter Parker’s nemesis: Massacre.

The Spider-Armour MK II suit can glow in the dark and is said to be extremely durable against projectiles – something that features a lot in the upcoming game. As it turns out, the Spider-Armour MK II is actually pretty cool looking – all sleek and shiny. It may not look as cool as the MK III, but hey, it is what it is!

7. Stark Suit (Homecoming movie suit)

It was confirmed ages ago, but here it is again: The Homecoming suit. Given the success of Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), it was only a matter of time before this spidey suit would make its way into the game… and I could not be more excited!

Peter Parker’s suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming not only cements one of the newest suits in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe as a proper suit among legends like the MK II, but it also essentially confirms that the game takes place in the MCU.

This suit is a fan favourite among critics. As with all suits in the game, the eyes are animated. This gives it that extra Hollywood touch that it featured in the movie. This is a pretty sweet take on the Classic Spidey suit, and I am personally very glad that they added it into the game.

8. Velocity

Velocity is one of the pre-order bonus suits that players can get. Insomniac Games also assured fans that it can be earned in-game, so as to avoid any backlash for locking specific skins behind paywalls. Good group of people at Insomniac!

Besides a quick glimpse at how it looks while traversing the city, there really is nothing more to say about it. I first thought that the Velocity suit may be a “reimagining” of the MK IV suit, however as you will read below, the other Spider Armours have also made their way into the game.

9. & 10. Spider-Man 2099 (“Black” original, and new White variants)

This is a weird one. Many outlets that managed to dig a little deeper into the gameplay demo showcased at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, seem to be torn in two about whether this suit is in the game or not. US Gamer, for instance, mentions that “one outfit also carried the distinct silhouette” of this suit, while other outlets do not mention it at all. Spoiler alert – it is in the game!

The future Spider-Man suit from 2099 first appeared in a three-page preview inside The Amazing Spider-Man #365 (August 1992). However, it was not until November 1992 that Miguel O’Hara donned the suit in Spider-Man 2099 #1, where he is the 2099 version of present-day Spidey, with pretty much all of the same powers – only, enhanced with future technology.

The original Spider-Man 2099 suit is blue and red, just like many of Spider-Man’s suits. The recently published version of the suit, however, has taken on a grey/silver, and red colour scheme that better fits the rejuvenated future storyline. Both are unlockable suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

11. Scarlet Spider

The Scarlet Spider suit is yet another fan-favourite, and makes good sense to be included in the game. The suit first made its appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #149 (October 1975), and carried on through various iterations thereafter. The suit actually only received its name in the 118th issue of Web of Spider-Man (November 1994), almost two decades later!

One of the reasons why I like the Scarlet Spider suit is because of its extreme ‘otherness’. It is donned by a man called Ben Reilly, whom the reader learns is just a clone of Peter Parker. When Reilly finds out about this revelation, he runs away. Only to return five years later. Another twist down the line reveals that Ben is actually Peter all along and that the guy who thinks he is Peter is actually the real clone. My Spider-Senses are shook!

Publications fortunate enough to dive into the Marvel’s Spider-Man demo at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 not only found out that the suit is in the game, but that it is one of the few suits that can be unlocked early on in the game’s story. In fact, almost every alternate suit in the game can be unlocked as you progress through the story.

12. Secret War

Now this is a sleek looking piece of latex! The Secret War suit is a special spidey suit. It was fashioned from top-secret materials during a time when Spider-Man assisted Nick Fury during a fight in Latveria.

The suit itself is more of a one-off than anything else, considering the Secret Wars I refer to are a short-lived five-part comic series that started with Secret Wars #1 in April, 2004. The Secret Wars storyline most people usually reference, which is also the one where Symbiote Spidey debuts, is Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 (December 1984).

This version of the suit gives Spider-Man the ability to toss out electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) that disables enemy equipment. This should make for an interesting time against any thug with a firearm.

13. Iron Spider

The third and final pre-order incentive for the game is the Iron Spider suit. This spidey suit variant in the game is not entirely the same suit that is featured in the Civil War (2006-2007) comics, but it does feature a lot of the same technology.

It has the same name, and even the same colour schemes, as later variants of the comic book suit. However, as someone who is yet to see Avengers: Infinity War, I really cannot attest to the full prowess of the suit – other than the spider arms it features.

I can say, however, that the comic book variant is one of my favourites. This is because it is yet another collaborative effort between Parker and Tony Stark. In the comics, the suit features a crimson red and gold colour scheme and features a lot of the same tech built into Iron Man’s suits. These new features include enhanced durability, strength augmentations, fancy visors with a heads-up display, a specialised adamantium nanotechnology that can change form at will, and more. It is a pretty dang cool suit, and the movie version seems to be just as cool.

It is obvious that this spidey suit is in the game due to its box-office popularity. The fact that it also features the arms is a definite plus. In the game, the arms enhance Spider-Man’s fighting capabilities, and also looks pretty menacing.

14. Negative Suit

While not exactly the Future Foundation suit, this is as close as you are going to get. The Negative Zone Spider-Man Suit first appeared in Spider-Man #90 (1998). Colour wise, it looks almost exactly like the Future Foundation. Yet it differs in that it is more similar to the Classic Spidey suit in design.

The suit itself has a glowing aura to it, but does not seem to feature any special abilities beyond looking cool. Peter Parker picked the suit up when he travelled through the Negative Zone (an alternate, inverse Earth) in order to rescue three children. It is described as being void of colour, and to make Parker “almost invisible”. Alas, in the comics viewers still needed to see him. Due to those limitations, the suit ultimately took on a black and white (sometimes gray and sometimes just pure glowing) aesthetic.

It is a nice suit that did not feature very long in the comics – like most of the awesome one-off costumes in my Spidey suit wishlist!

15. Electrically Insulated Suit (Electro Proof Suit)

Yas! One of my wishlist suits made the cut! While the suit may look a little weird, it does so for a big reason: it is specifically designed to combat Electro.

The suit first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #425 (August 1997), when Spider-Man had to create a suit that would protect himself from the electrified Sinister Six member. It also looked pretty cool, with orange (or sometimes brown), and black accents.

Electro is confirmed as one of the villains within Marvel’s Spider-Man, complete with Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) inspired bald head, shocking yellow electricity, and techno-heavy suit. As you might imagine, going up against an electrified supervillain could prove difficult… if Peter does not have an Electro Proof Suit!

16. Wrestler Suit

Ah yes, of course this would be in the game! While this suit has never officially debuted as its own variation, multiple versions of this casual wrestler outfit have existed throughout the comics. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy famously featured Tobey Maguire (as Peter Parker) in a wrestling suit at the beginning of the first movie.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man, the web slinging hero has been active for close to a decade before players get to grips with him. As such, it is assumed that Peter Parker dons the suit sometime throughout his eight-year-tenure as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

This spidey suit has no special abilities and features no extravagant design choices. It is a basic casual outfit meant to be loose fitting, and to hide Parker’s face. It is a simple suit that I am glad is in the game.

17. Fear Itself

Oh. My. Gosh. Yes! Yet another suit from my wishlist made the cut.

The Fear Itself suit is not only one of the coolest looking skins in Spider-Man’s arsenal, it is also designed by Tony Stark in collaboration with materials from Nidavellir. Spider-Man’s Fear Itself suit first appeared in Fear Itself Vol. 1 #7 (December 2011).

The Fear Itself comic series is a crossover storyline between many of the Marvel Universe’s major players. The storyline revolves around The Serpent, who declares itself as the True All-Father of Asgard. The Serpent awakes and besieges Asgard, as such, all Asgardians, including Odin and Thor, must travel back home. This leaves the heroes of Earth to fend for themselves.

Tony Stark builds many of the survivors their own special armour that he created in cooperation with the dwarves of Nidavellir. All suits have unique properties, and Peter Parker’s suit is no different: it features special gauntlets with sharp blades that can stand the weight of Mjolnir.

This spidey suit also looks all glowy and cool. In the game, it increases Peter Parker’s melee damage by up to four times. The suit is a neat addition to the game, one that I will most likely be wearing throughout my time with it.

18. Stealth “Big Time” Suit

Spider-Man’s Stealth suit has had a lot of iterations over the years, but it ultimately became famous for its green glowing spider symbol and pitch black design.

The Stealth Suit first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #650 (February 2011). Peter Parker created the suit to combat the Hobgoblin’s sonic screams. The workaround, Peter found, comes via the suit’s ability to warp light and sound around it, which renders it practically invisible. The suit can also repair itself, and is practically fireproof thanks to the same Unstable Molecule tech that was used to make the Future Foundation Suit.

This spidey suit has had numerous owners in its tenure in the comics, but none are as prolific as Kaine Parker (the first Peter clone). He donned the suit for a long time, until he ripped the suit to shreds during a fight with The Others. Kaine assumed the identity of a new, red and black Scarlet Spider-Man thereafter.

19. Spider Armour MK III

Yet another wishlist suit that made it! However let us be real: The Anti-Sinister Six Armour would have been a strange omission, given the enemies that are set to appear in the game.

It is a beautiful costume that looks like it means business. As the successor to the MK II, the MK III provides everything the previous version did, and much more: a fancy helmet with technology such as an echolocator, a commlink, holographic visor, and even the “Pink Hippo” App that allows Parker to change Sandman’s form against his will – in the comics, anyway. The suit also features fancy electro-proof technology, built-in web-shooters, flight capabilities, and yes, a utility belt with different types of webbing cartridges.

It is a sleek and robust suit that Peter created with the last bit of resources from Horizon Lab; all in an aid to battle against the Sinister Six in Amazing Spider-Man #682 (May 2012). Since the Sinister Six are the criminal group that oppose Spidey in the upcoming game, it seems only fitting that the Spider-Armour MK III would feature as one of Spider-Man’s suits – and now we know it made the cut!

20. Spider Armour MK IV

Oh boy! Insomniac Games seems to love the Spider Armours, and I am not complaining one bit. Spider Armour MK IV is the final iteration of the famous line of armoured suits that Peter Parker crafts after losing his Spidey Senses.

This spidey suit first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #1 (December 2015), and featured all the way through Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #31 (October 2017). That is a whopping two years of Spider-Armour goodness!

In terms of technology and features, the MK IV is by far the most advanced suit Peter ever created. It is made from lightweight metallic liquid nanotechnology that responds to both Spider-Man’s mental and vocal commands. It also features all technology from previous Armoured suits, but without any speed or size issues. It essentially looks like a fancy metallic Classic Spider suit – and I love it!

21. Spirit Spider (Ghost Spider)

Woah! Now here is a spidey suit that I never thought I would see outside of comics! Ghost Spider comes from a very short-lived appearance. The suit debuted in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38 (June 2011) and it belongs to Peter Parker from Earth-11638.

In this reality, Uncle Ben never died. Instead, Parker grew up and had Uncle Ben teach him everything he knew about being a superhero. Amazing Spider had a cool looking blue and gold suit, complete with cape! After a long and arduous battle between Amazing Spider, Dr Banner, the Sorcerer Supreme, and Infernal Hulk; Banner and Peter succumbed to their injuries. Banner stayed alive in his astral form, however, and infused Peter with the spirits and powers of the repentant damned.

Peter woke up from a long coma and discovered that he had become the Ghost Spider. Pretty dang sweet, if you ask me! The suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man looks like a faithful adaptation, complete with Ghost Rider-like face, and blue infernal flames. Needless to say, I am ready to get my metal on with this suit!

22. Vintage Comic Book Suit

The Vintage comic book suit is exactly what you would expect: Classic Spidey. The only difference here is that it features a cell-shaded design which lets it stand out from all the other suits.

The Vintage Comic Book Suit actually looks like it was ripped straight out of a cartoon, or ripped from Marvel’s Spider-Man Unlimited on iOS. Cell Shading really is not my thing when combined with photo realistic visuals, so I have no idea why this suit would even be in the game. Regardless of what I think, the suit comes as an extra option for those who do like it, and for completionists.

23. Last Stand Suit

Peter Benjamin Parker’s Last Stand Suit is essentially a sleek looking, runway model edition. This version of Spider-Man exists in the future, as a possible reality for Peter Parker. Where 2099 is very far off, the Last Stand Parker is actually a very near future depiction that Madame Web shows Peter Parker in a vision.

This spidey suit first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #58 (November 2003), and had a very popular story arch. The suit itself was not shown a lot, however, and Peter B. Parker died in Amazing Spider-Man #500 (December 2003).

This was a very dark and gritty version of Peter where he killed Kraven the Hunter to avenge the deaths of Kaine Parker and Mattie Franklin. This also lead Peter to be exiled from The Avengers. The vision also depicted how an aged Peter B. Parker killed Doctor Octopus by his own tentacle, and how he was on the run form the police. The suit itself never had any special abilities, but it certainly looked the part of a superhero turned anti-hero vigilante.

24. Undies

Yes. You can swing around New York in nothing but a pair of underparts and a classic Spider-Man mask. This alternate “spidey suit” has no comic book variant – as far I can tell (or Google) – and only serves as a special 100% unlock in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The suit features a special ability called equaliser that makes everything in the game super strong with super low health. This means that every bad guy in town will go down in one hit. The caveat is that the equaliser ability also extends to Spider-Man. Welcome to hell, bub.

25. Homemade Suit (Homecoming custom Spidey suit)

The Homemade Suit featured prominently in Spider-Man: Homecoming. It is essentially an invert version of the classic Scarlet Spider suit, with a bit of refinement, and a lot of innocence.

The suit features a pair of goggles sewn into the mask, a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt – all of which is covered in a red jacket. The suit honestly looks really warm and uncomfortable. Boy, am I glad that Mr. Stark gave Peter the Stark Suit!

This spidey suit also has no associated powers in the game. Besides wanting to dress up as an amateur Spider-Man, there is no reason to wear the suit at all (can you tell that I am not a fan of it?).

26. Dark Suit

The Dark Suit is a strange one. I honestly could not find any reference of it online beyond a similar looking suit from Spider-Man/Deadpool #8 (August 2016). This Dark Suit has a black design with a red symbol that matches Spider-Man’s new friend, Deadpool.

In this story arch, Deadpool was hired to kill Peter Parker. However, upon learning that Parker is in fact Spider-Man, the mercenary turned the job away and befriended him instead; citing that Spider-Man had always been his hero.

The Dark Suit is meant to depict a saddened Peter Parker, who had something whispered into his ear by Mephisto when he came back from the dead. In the game, the suit is unlocked when the player finds all of the Black Cat dolls that are scattered around the city. As such, I doubt its nature extends to the “surly” nature Parker expresses in the comics. It look pretty dang cool though.

This spidey suit, like many others, has no associated power and only functions as an aesthetic change. Needless to say, the dark suit looks great, and should offer a lot of fun to players who like dressing up – such as myself.

Spoiler Warning

As you undoubtedly could guess, Marvel’s Spider-Man also sports one or two end-game suits that either spoil the game, or the end-game experience. One of the two suits listed below (suit 27) is named in such a way that it gives away a rather important twist that takes place in the third act of the game. The 28th suit, on the other hand, is an unlisted suit that level 50 players can unlock. If you do not care for these things, read ahead.

27. “Dark Variant” Suit

The true name of the “Dark Variant” suit is the Anti-Ock suit! It appears to be a black variant of the Advanced Suit. It unlocks very late in the game, and comes with a special ability called “Resupply”. As the name suggests, resupply will reset all abilities, cooldowns, and cartridges that Spider-Man has used since the last time Resupply was used.

It also looks pretty slick with a metallic dark design and a yellow spider symbol, but that is about it. The Anti-Ock suit is pretty much just there to reward players who finish the game, and who have beaten Doctor Octavius (whom is set up to be a loving mentor and father-figure to Peter) in a fight. Plus, it kind of comes as a consolation to all players who wanted to see the Black/Symbiote Spidey in the game. However, Insomniac Games have stated that Venom would not feature at all in “this” instalment, and as such, no symbiote version should exist yet. Gotta keep some for the next game, guys!

28. Empire State University (ESU) “suit”

A bonus suit that kits Peter out with only a Spider-Man head mask, t-shirt and jeans. You know, normal University apparel… mask aside. 

The Empire State University suit is an unlisted suit. It does not appear at all within the Suits menu until unlocked. This is quite a secret then, considering both the Black Cat collection and the Bag collections have their suits listed right from the start. Needless to say, it is a pretty average looking outfit that players level 50 and over can unlock by finding all the secret photo locations.

While I can not find any hard evidence of Spidey wearing the ESU outfit in the comics, it is true that Peter Parker attended the Empire State University in a few depictions. The educational establishment made it’s first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #1 (March 1963).

There you have it, folks. We will update this post as more suits become available via The City That Never Sleep DLC . Are there any suits you would like to see? There definitely are suits that I would like to see!

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