The Far Cry series has always been a tad unhinged. Specifically, Far Cry 3 (which is included in the Far Cry 5 Season Pass) and its incredibly crazy antagonist; or Far Cry 4, with its pink suit wearing psychopath of a dictator. It seems as if there is yet another pea in the pod, as the all-new Far Cry 5 story trailer introduces us to cult leader, Joseph Seed.

This time around, the series takes players to an extremely right-wing, extremist-run Hope Town. Here, Joseph Seed and his cult of religious nuts, called the “Project at Eden’s Gate”, run amok. The cult steals people from their homes for brainwashing purposes. If they encounter resistance, they shoot to kill. Joseph, through his cult, controls just about all aspects of life, including the local government and its people. Now it is up to you and a few local hopefuls to create a Resistance, and stop him.

The Far Cry 5 story trailer is pretty cool, and very scary. It is not unlike the previous titles in that it features a crazy bad guy, his followers, and a few good people to show the player who they will surround themselves with. It is, however, scarier than that of previous titles. I say this because instead of dealing with outright murder and fear, the player now has to deal with something that is much more likely to happen.

In a way, the trailer cements the fact that Hope County, and its Far Cry 5 setting, is an actual possible outcome of what the future may hold (at least for the USA). With extremism on the rise and gun control issues a plenty, we can only hope that it will never get as bad as this. Needless to say, the trailer evokes proper fear. That is something that I can not say about the trailers for Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 5 features a vast open world steeped in current controversial topics and issues. Players can go anywhere they please, when, and however, they wish. The world is constantly in flux, evolving around the choices that players make. As per Far Cry tradition, players can also expect to see lots of weapons and vehicles. In particular, players will see “all American” vehicles such as muscle cars, big rigs, all-terrain vehicles, and even tractors.

The game releases on 27 March 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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