Wielding a giant shield, and a huge flail is nothing to scoff at. It is even less so when you take into consideration that the 27th hero to be added to Overwatch is none other than Torbjorn’s daughter. That is correct: the same character we saw in an animated short based on Torbjorn, way back in 2017, has finally been confirmed as a new playable character. Say hello to Brigitte Lindholm.

Brigitte is described as “an engineer with peerless armour-constructing abilities”. She is also a “valiant squire who fights on the front line to defend her allies”. You see, Brigitte is essentially a tank, but in the role of a support. She can hold her own ground in combat, while also providing healing and armour for her allies. Her abilities include dispensing repair packs, and an area-of-effect (AoE) heal for allies when striking enemies.

Brigitte’s primary weapon is a “Rocket Flail” that she swings in a “wide arc” to smash multiple enemies at once. She also has an ability called “Whip Shot” that strikes the enemies at a distance and stuns them. Her passive ability “Inspire” heals nearby allies over time; while her Barrier Shield deploys an energy barrier from the front, which can absorb a limited amount of damage and protect allies behind her. Her shield also acts as a weapon, which she can use to stun enemies in front of her when lunging forward.

Brigitte’s ultimate ability, “Rally”, is described as “a galvanising call to arms that generates a substantial amount of armour for nearby allies”. It also increases her movement speed, to lead allies into battle.

While the developer update video above introduces Brigitte well enough, she also received her own introduction origin story. In this short film, Brigitte gives fans her motive for wanting to be a hero as impressive as her father. It is a short and sweet trailer that effectively introduces Brigitte Lindholm as a powerful ally to have on the field.

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