Gamescom 2017 is currently underway in Cologne, Germany. It is the second largest video gaming event of the year, next to E3. As a prelude to the event, which officially opens on the 23rd August 2017, Microsoft held a ‘pre-Gamescom‘ live-stream. Despite the stream being a rehash of the E3 2017 Xbox Press Briefing, there was one notable announcement: the reveal of the limited edition Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition.

When Microsoft first announced the next iteration of the Xbox One at E3 2016, they dubbed the console ‘Project Scorpio‘. This was the internal development name of the new machine, and it is the name that gamers around the world have used, for over a year, to refer to, what is now, the Xbox One X.

With this in mind, Microsoft are releasing a special limited edition Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition console to commemorate the launch of the new system. Microsoft did something similar in 2013 with the ‘Day One Edition’ of the Xbox One (it even came with its own achievement). So what makes the ‘Project Scorpio’ version different to the standard Xbox One X?

In short, a unique box themed after the original Xbox, a unique paint job with a dark grey to black dimple design, the console’s codename emblazoned in bright green on the front of the console and on the included Xbox wireless controller, another commemorative decal with the launch dates of each Xbox console, and an included vertical console stand. In terms of hardware, the standard and ‘Project Scorpio’ editions of the Xbox One X are identical, and both include the Xbox One X console, an Xbox wireless controller and a 1 TB HDD for US $499/£459/€499/AUS $649/R7499.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition is a true limited edition and will only be produced in small quantities. It is also only available via pre-order, and will most likely not be available in-stores. Given that the console sold out within hours from Microsoft’s US, UK and Australian stores, as well as a bevy of other online retailers, it looks like the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition is indeed quite limited. According to Microsoft, they “designed the Project Scorpio Edition for fans to celebrate both our heritage and the power and precision that we are bringing into our future”. 

No word yet on when the Xbox One X will be launching in South Africa. I sincerely hope that South African gamers will not have a repeat of the year long wait that was the botched Xbox One launch in 2014. Given that even the Xbox One S released close to six months after the console debuted abroad, I do not have high hopes that the Xbox One X will release by 7 November 2017 in South Africa. With that said, and since I am a sucker for special edition goods and quite impatient, I placed an order for my own Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition via Amazon (importing with the aid of a drop shipper).

We have reached out to Microsoft for confirmation on the availability of the Xbox One X and the Project Scorpio Limited Edition for South Africa. This post will be updated accordingly once a response has been received. 

UPDATE (25 August 2017): Xbox South Africa has responded

Apparently the clearance certification for the Xbox One X to land in South Africa is “still in the approval process and has not yet been finalised”. Until approval has been granted, “the local arrival date cannot be confirmed for either availability or pre-orders”.

“Ensuring that Xbox One X gets into the South African market as close to global release as possible is our main priority. We remain committed to our Xbox fans in South Africa” said Colin Baumgart, Consumer Director for Microsoft South Africa.

The Xbox One X is distributed by Prima Interactive in South Africa and will, according to the update, be available in select retail outlets in the near future. Given that certification is still on going, Xbox South Africa has alluded to the fact that the current suggested retail price (SRP) of R7499 is merely that, a suggestion. The final retail value and confirmation of availability will be “announced closer to the time of arrival in the country”.

Although this is not the news that many South African gamers were hoping for, the good news is that Prima Interactive and Xbox South Africa are in the process of finalising those details. Hopefully gamers will not have to wait too long after the international launch. 

You can be rest assured that as soon as the certification and clearance happens for Xbox One X in South Africa, Vamers will report on it. Until then, I guess I will be keeping my Amazon order.

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