There are very few cliches and tropes I think ring true, but one I firmly believe in is ‘everything happens for a reason’. Perhaps this notion might be taking it a tad far, especially in terms of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. However, love always prevails and that is what this is about. When the ugly side of COVID-19 started to show its face, a couple was forced to cancel their wedding plans (I am sure this has happened to many people). Fortunately, their best friends decided that the show must go on, and they decided to host a surprise Animal Crossing wedding on Nintendo Switch.

The new Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch is a beautiful console. When Hans unboxed it and spoke of his love for the game, I knew that it had a lot of potential. What I did not know is how you can do pretty much whatever you want in the game. Thanks to a story from Reddit user Ashmush, we now know the game is capable of a whole lot more than just being a ‘life sim’. In particular, bringing friends and loved ones together in holy matrimony.

Asha, Ashmush’s real name, was planning to be wed to Ahmed. The Reddit post in question is quite brief, but it is accompanied by a picture; and you know what they say: a portrait hosts a thousand poems… or something to that effect. In the post, Asha explains how he and his fiance had to cancel their wedding due to the spread of COVID-19. As a result, their friends “gave [them] a surprise Animal Crossing wedding instead”. Here in South Africa, the country has essentially come to a standstill. President Cyril Ramaphosa initiated a nationwide lockdown from 26 March until 16 April 2020. This has undoubtedly resulted in many cancellations, including birthdays and easter weddings. Thanks to the post, we now know there are ways around this seemingly dire situation.

Unlike many of us who are only missing a single big event or two, Asha would be missing out on several milestones during this period of isolation. Graduating Med School would be a huge missed celebration for Asha. Ahmed took matters into his own hands and asked a few friends to help — there would not be any more missed celebrations during this pandemic! So, like any good video gaming boyfriend, he invited Asha to his island so they could “gather resources”.

Image Credit Ashmush (Animal Crossing: New Horizons)

When Asha arrived, all of their friends’ digital versions popped out to say hi. Ahmed gave Asha’s avatar a dress to wear and roses to hold, then proceeded to make it known they were going to have their wedding after all! “This made me so happy”, Asha wrote, “I don’t even have the words to describe how much it meant to me”.

As someone who loves sappy love stories, this gives me hope that we will all prevail in the face of COVID-19.

[Source: Reddit]

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