Do you take a lot of portrait photos? Do you wish that the cool 3D depth information the camera captures could be read by Facebook, and shown throughout the app? Well, you are in luck! 3D Facebook photos can now be posted to the newsfeed.

First announced in May, Facebook has finally added the ability for Portrait photos and 3D photos, taken via mobile phones such as the iPhone X, Xs, and dual-camera Android phones, to be viewed in 3D on their app. The feature adds an illusion of depth to the photos, which draws from information inside the portrait photos.

Facebook states that “3D photos can help” people feel “even closer to the people, places, and things” they share. This way, Facebook users can relive their favourite memories in “a way that feels more real”.

For now, the ability to upload portrait photos and 3D Facebook photos is limited to dual-lens smartphones only. Facebook also states that all photos of this manner can be viewed in the Oculus Browser on Oculus Go and Oculus Rift as well.

Uploading 3D Facebook photos photos are easy enough. You essentially go through the usual steps, however, you have to tap the 3D photos option in the status update box. From there, you can tap or click-and-drag on the subject head to see the photo depth. Facebook also states that 3D effects will enhance the subject and background colour. In the same way, subjects appear better if they have more texture, solid edges, and are not very shiny.

The 3D Facebook photo feature comes a few months after the social media giant introduced 360-degree photos and video to its news feed. This is definitely a step in the right direction for the company. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to keep your user base as engaged as possible.

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