The snooze button. The button we have all pressed, at least once, when waking. One that ‘snoozes’ annoying sounds. Now what if you could put your social media on hold, in a similar way? Say hello to the Facebook Snooze Button, which wants to do exactly that.

Facebook has announced that it has begun rolling out a brand new ‘snooze button’ in its news feeds. The Facebook snooze button works differently to the already established Unfollow and Unfriend buttons. You see, we all have that one friend — someone you hold dear to your heart, but just cannot stand the garbage they post or share. The easy way out, in the past, was to unfriend and call it a hack whenever they found out. A huge, friendly, and totally believable smile included. Of course, you could unfollow them, but then you would miss anything they post, like important milestones and events.

Now, however, the added Facebook Snooze button will allow you to mute that friend without unfriending or unfollowing them, for a whole 30 days. Snoozing a friend temporarily stops their updates without permanent damage done to the friendship. At least, that is the hope. Facebook says that the people, pages or groups you snooze will not be notified.

In order to use the Facebook snooze button, all you need to do is click on the three dots (or little downward arrow) on the top right-hand corner of a post. The snooze button update is rolling out to users worldwide over the next few weeks. As always, the update is free. If this tempts you to download the app once again, simply click or tap on the links below:

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