There is no doubt that Instagram Stories is a hit. It is even more popular than when Instagram introduced no-crop options for its once iconic staple: square images. Following a period of beta testing, the Facebook-owned company has pushed out yet another new feature fo the platform: Instagram Type Mode.

The social media and photo-sharing giant officially announced the new Type Mode feature that lets users create text-only Story posts. The feature creates text-based posts with a colourful background that looks very similar to those image-text statuses that Facebook has had for a while now.

Instagram calls it “a new way to share anything” that is on your mind. Users can do so with “creative text styles and backgrounds” without the use of a photo or video. They call it a way of sharing “your most random thoughts” and turning them into colourful and expressive stories.

If you do not like the backgrounds they offer, you can use your own photos as backgrounds. All custom photos used will get their own filters. This is so that the text can be better emphasised. Instagram also states that, like any other Story, Type posts will automatically disappear after 24 hours.

The Instagram Type Mode update goes live with Instagram version 30, which is rolling out to countries as per the usual iOS Appstore times.

Instagram is a free photo sharing service where users can post and share their everyday antics to the world. It supports the full gamut ranges of the newest iPhone and has HDR support for OLED phones such as the iPhone X. The company was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion USD in 2012.

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