It seems like there is an Overwatch free weekend every odd month! Blizzard is hosting yet another free-to-play weekend for the month of August 2018 on console and PC.

As per usual, Activision Blizzard’s hero-based shooter will go free for an entire weekend. It starts at 8 PM CAT on 23 August 2018 and will run until Tuesday morning, 28 August at 9 AM CAT.

During this time, players will have full access to Overwatch’s entire roster of 28 heroes, 18 maps, and a variety of game modes. Game modes available to all players include Quick Play, Custom Games, and the Arcade; while Ranked game modes are limited to owners of the game only. All players will also be able to take part in the current Summer Games event, which offers unique time-limited matches and game modes that net players unique loot boxes with rare items.

Players who like the game and choose to buy it after the Overwatch free weekend is over will have all progress carry over to the full game. This way, players will be able to jump right into the action and also get to keep any aesthetic rewards they may have unlocked during the free weekend.

Players on Xbox just need to download Overwatch: Origins Editions via the Microsoft Store, while PlayStation players will find it under “Overwatch Free Weekend” in the PlayStation Store. Players on Microsoft Windows will have to download Overwatch via Blizzard’s BatleNet client and sign up for a free account if they do not already have one. Console players will also have to have an active subscription for their console’s multiplayer services, like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold. Other than that, it is as easy as loading into the game! Players who want in on the fun can already pre-load the game on console. PC players will only gain access to the game the moment it goes free.

This free weekend marks the very first time that players will get to experience Overwatch’s 28th hero, Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball is a tank which takes the form of a literal wrecking ball that can transform into a walking death machine. It is piloted by a hamster named Hammond.

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