Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed during Gamescom that Playstation 4 will be getting Supergirl as an exclusive starter LEGO minifigure. A trailer accompanying the announcement shows that she will be available in her normal Supergirl outfit, as well as a Red Lantern variant. This is a smart move, as more and more DC Games are featuring the underrated hero in bigger and better capacities.

The announcement stated that Supergirl will boast extraordinary abilities that will help players solve puzzles and battle enemies. In the AR game, players will be able to utilise her Super Strength, X-Ray Vision and Beam Attacks to overcome almost anything. In using the Red Lantern Ring, Supergirl will also be able to transform and get additional abilities like energy bolts and beams. She will also be able to form Red Lantern Energy Constructs.

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The only caveat to getting Supergirl will be the fact that she will be tied to the Starter Pack for the game. This may not be such a big problem, if all LEGO Dimensions players did not already have Starter Packs. This is a move that I do not completely understand.

Gamers who already own the game will be happy to know that Supergirl will be made available via the “Hire-a-Hero” feature. This will allow players to try characters out by using LEGO studs collected in-game. It has not been revealed whether Supergirl will be available via this feature on other platforms.

LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs currently go for a little over R1 000 for the PlayStation 4. This is quite a steep price to pay if you just want to add Supergirl to your collection. The new Starter Packs will be available in South Africa from 9 September 2016.

[Source: Nerdreactor]

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