Christmas is almost here, Vamerites! That means you have three options. Buy games all year-long and end up a happy yet broke person, or enter the #VamersChristmas competition to win “all the games”, or, the most likely, wait all year-long and cash in on some sweet, sweet deals. Well, Ster Kinekor Entertainment has everyone in the second and third camps covered! For the festive season, the gaming distributor has put together a host of great deals to make this season one for the books.

The Ster Kinekor Entertainment Festive deals, which are now active, include huge discounts on most LEGO titles, and a few heavy hitters that released throughout 2017. There are even deals on LEGO Dimensions packs!

In terms of LEGO, you can get the Ninjago Movie video game for either Xbox One or PlayStation 4 on a hefty discount. The LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack for both the current and last generation consoles are also discounted. I may not be a fan of most LEGO games now available, but believe me when I say the LEGO Dimensions Starter Packs are great for children in households with consoles.

LEGO aside, there are also some good Bethesda Softworks games included in the deal. They are The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as well as The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, both for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Prey is also discounted on both consoles — and if you ask me, it is well worth a buy. It was already a great game earlier in 2017, and I am pretty sure it is even better by now with all of the updates and additions.

Other games included in the Ster Kinekor Entertainment Festive deals are Marvel v Capcom: Infinite, and PES 2018, for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Injustice 2 is also included, and this is absolutely a game not to be missed. If you buy only one game from this entire list, make sure that it is this superpower brawler from Nether Realm. Not only is it an incredible fighting game, it also has one of the best story modes in the genre. I gave it a solid 8 in my review and a must-buy approval!

The Ster Kinekor Entertainment Festive deals will run from 4 December 2017 through to 14 January 2018 at all participating retailers. For your convenience, I have compiled a full list of discounted titles below. May your festive shopping be merry!

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