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Apple has officially removed the iPad 2 from their online catalogue, and have replaced it with the fourth-generation iPad with Retina Display. The California based company has also added and released an 8GB option for the iPhone 5c.

Apple’s iPhone 5c has reportedly seen meager sales since its debut last September, mostly due to high demand for the flagship iPhone 5s and confusion over whether or not the 5c is actually an upgrade or not over the iPhone 5. Consequently, Apple has renewed advertising campaigns promoting the iPhone 5c on popular blogging platform Tumblr as well as the front page of in an attempt to help bolster sales of the “plastic perfected” iPhone.

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Most interesting is Apple’s move to replace the aging iPad 2 by reintroducing the fourth generation iPad with Retina Display, which was actually ‘discontinued’ in favour of the iPad Air last October. The fourth generation iPad with Retina Display will once again be available available in a 16Gb version. There is no change in internal hardware.

The 8 GB iPhone 5c is currently being sold in Apple’s European Online Store for £429 (R7,670.00) unlocked, which is about £40 (R717.00) cheaper than the 16Gb model and is expected to be available worldwide soon. The fourth generation iPad with Retina Display is currently available worldwide and retails for R6,999.00 in the in South African online iStore.

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