When Apple unveiled that the excellent Photos app from iOS was coming to Mac with macOS El Capitan, many people rejoiced. Not only is the software a good all-in-one powerhouse that offers all of the basic photo editing tools that most people need, but it also brings all of your photos together in a nicely organised user interface. It even synchronises with iCloud, so all of your photographs can be available on every one of your devices. With that said, the macOS High Sierra Photos App is getting some great new features!

Apple announced macOS High Sierra at their recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2017) – the next major update in the macOS lineup. One of the bigger changes is how Apple is adding refinements across the entire Photos app. The big thing here is that it will now synchronise fully across iCloud. This means that all changes made to photos, all recognised faces and all memories, will be available to you no matter which platform you are on. This includes edits to both live and normal photos, and even videos! Apple has achieved this with machine learning and even deeper Siri integration.

The macOS High Sierra Photos app will also feature a new sidebar that offers easy one-click access to common tasks like accessing quick edits, or sorting photos. In addition, the new sorting functionality allows users to filter for specific things such as live photos, videos, favourites, and much more. It will also receive a very iOS-like sharing menu that will let you import and export photos (edits and all) to third-party apps like Pixelmator and Enlight.

The updated Photos app, along with all other new features in Apple’s latest Mac Operating System will be available later this year when MacOS High Sierra releases. It will be a free upgrade. Developers can get hold of it now, while a public beta will be made available by the end of June.

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