Vamers - FYI - Gadgetology - The iPad is Changing the Face of Education in South Africa - iPad Learner

John Robbie, a popular Talk Radio 702 presenter, recently took a sponsored trip to a variety of Johannesburg based schools in order to asses how the iPad is changing the face of education for children in South Africa.

Although the iPad is obviously out of reach for a vast majority of underprivileged children, the fact remains that Apple’s ‘magic’ tablet has revolutionised how privileged learners are able to read, learn and source knowledgeable information.

The video showcases how the iPad has brought creative and innovative learning techniques to learners of all ages; such as improving ‘fine motor development’ through teaching children to create stop-motion videos using play-dough and an iPad.

I may no longer be in school, but I can confidently say that the iPad has become an indispensable part of my personal and business lifestyle. In fact, it is the primary device I default to when handling web-based business communications or the notarising of conceptual business ideas, whilst still offering the ease of being able to consume entertainment media on a whim.

The iPad, it would seem, is every bit as ‘magical’ a device as Steve Jobs always said it would be.

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