Value added services are getting a whole new layer of complications as more and more subscriptions and payment offerings are added to others. While it may seem daunting, it is actually a pretty cool quality of life feature for anyone willing to take the plunge. It decreases paperwork and hassle, all at the cost of allowing one company to do everything for you. In this case, South Africans can now buy Xbox games using Vodacom airtime.

Adding more services into current subscriptions is all the rave as of late. First Multichoice added Showmax as an extra billing option, then Vodacom followed suit. Now, Vodacom wants you to pay for your Xbox One needs through your Vodacom bill as well! This includes your monthly Game Pass, Live Gold, and any other subscriptions tied to your Microsoft account. Convenient? We think so!

According to Vodacom, all you need to do to add your Microsoft bill to your Vodacom bill is to select mobile phone as one of your payment methods when purchasing anything on the Microsoft Store. In order to change your monthly billing to Vodacom, you just need to change your default payment method in the account settings. All payments will always be protected with an over the air (OTA) security number sent to your phone. This means that you will be the only person eligible to make purchases on your account.

Combining the many ways consumers can spend money is very consumer-friendly. In this ever changing world where technology constantly dictates how our spending habits are carried out, having a single provider through which to pay is mighty convenient. Vodacom says this is a simple move to help bridge the digital divide between South Africa and the various services out there. Hence why gamers can now buy Xbox games using Vodacom airtime.

Anyone who goes through with this will automatically have any services and/or Microsoft Store purchases added to their next Vodacom bill. Alternatively, prepaid users who have lots of airtime linked to their number can also use it for instant payment. Now excuse me while I spend this R600 airtime I will never use (I wish).

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