I recently caught wind of the fact that a Monster Hunter: World Nendoroid Figurine is coming and… oh my gosh, please just take my money now! I need this in my life.

Good Smile Company is known for its cutesy chibi figurines based on popular franchises such as Overwatch and Metal Gear Solid. Now the company has their sights planted squarely on Capcom’s latest blockbuster hit, Monster Hunter: World. Seriouslyjust #SUATMM already.

Monster Hunter: World is the gaming world’s latest obsession, including my own. It is no wonder then, that companies such as the Good Smile Company want a piece of the pie. As such, the company unveiled the figurine during Wonder Fest 2018 – a figurine festival in the Chiba, Japan, that celebrates figurines of all shapes and sizes.

The figurine features a chibi female hunter donning a full set of Rathalos gear. The Rathalos is the apex monster of the first area, Ancient Forest, and is a challenge to beat. The cute chibi hunter proves that anyone can do it… eventually!

Nendoroids usually come with multiple bits and bobs. Sometimes the figurines include extra articulation points and even weapons. While information about extras did not accompany the announcement, it is safe to assume that a weapon or two straight out of Monster Hunter: World’s arsenal will accompany this figurine. Perhaps even a little Palico companion from their Nendoroids Friends collection! I can sit around and theorise all day.

Good Smile Company has released Monster Hunter figurines in the past, but this is the first Monster Hunter: World Nendoroid. No pricing or availability has been revealed yet for the hunter. While we wait for that juicy information, we can at least feast our eyes on the concept art which accompanied the announcement.

Monster Hunter: World is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is set to release on Microsoft Windows later 2018.

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