Digital monster lovers rejoice! Bandai Namco’s fan-favourite anime, Digimon, is getting another video game. Digimon Survive for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will introduce a brand-new perspective of the Digimon world to fans.

Bandai Namco says that Digimon Survive is a survival strategy Role-playing game (RPG) where player choices matter. The company states that conversation events will determine story branches, as well as Digimon evolution branches during battles. The fact that Bandai Namco describes the game as a “survival strategy RPG” makes me think it will have a lot more survival aspects to it than the usual adventure mechanics we often see in Digimon titles.

The player assumes the role of Takuma Momotsuka, a second-year middle school student who gets lost in a parallel world. Momotsuka eventually meets and partners with Agumon, “a mysterious monster” who helps him survive the harsh environment. The parallel world is infested by “ferocious creatures” that must be fended off.

The game uses a combination of 2D and 3D elements in what seems to be an isometric view of the world. Avatars are rendered in 2D space, but environments are rendered in a 3D space. This is to allow for “dramatic stories and intense battles”. Speaking of battles, they follow a Strategy Role-playing Game style where movement and action are dictated by grid spacing. Players will give orders to their partner Digimon to move and attack enemies. Digimon follow those orders by using Energy Points (EP). EP is consumed with every action, which means players will have to manage it carefully. It also dictates Digivolutions within a battle. Outside of battles, the game seems to take on a visual novel aesthetic. Whether it will actually play like a visual novel is still unconfirmed.

Bandai Namco states that characters in Digimon Survive are designed by Uichi Ukomo, while music is composed by Lost Sphear and I Am Setsuna composer, Tomoki Miyoshi. More information will be made available during the Digimon Thanksgiving Festival 2018 on 29 July 2018. For now, however, enjoy these screenshots.

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