The only other Sony Computer Entertainment system that I played on before the PlayStation 4 was the original PlayStation. I fondly remember a few games from that generation that I would absolutely love to see again in full high-definition (and beyond). MediEvil is one such game.

During the PlayStation Experience 2017 keynote, Sony revealed that a remaster of the PlayStation action-adventure platformer, MediEvil, is coming to PlayStation 4. Titled MediEvil HD RemasterSony has also confirmed that the game will have new and reworked 4K Ultra-high Definition assets and textures.

The Japanese company showed a brief teaser trailer during the keynote. Apart from that, however, no more details were given. The trailer itself merely ends with the words “more details soon” printed in bold on the screen.

While we do not know much about the MediEvil HD Remaster, besides its targeted resolution, we do know that it is a direct remaster of the first game. This means it will have the same plot and same characters that it did back in 1998.

MediEvil is set in the fictional medieval Kingdom of Gallowmere. In it, you play as Sir Daniel Fortesque as he attempts to stop Zarok, an evil sorcerer, from invading the kingdom. Sir Daniel Fortesque is very much undead… and without jawbone. As such, when he speaks, all the player hears is mumbling. This even carried through to the game where some characters would comment on his mumbling. As a skeletal being, Sir Daniel Fortesque can also use his arm as a weapon (by pulling it out of its socket with his other hand). This leads to some hilarious gameplay.

It was not explicitly shown, but it also sounds like Sony either brought back the original cast of voice actors or reused the audio from the original. Similarly, the iconic comedy-esque theme song is also back. I personally cannot wait to re-play this game.

A PlayStation Portable Remake called MediEvil: Resurrection came out in 2005, but that is also the last we ever saw of the franchise. Now, however, it seems to be back! MediEvil for PlayStation 4 releases sometime in 2018… or so we hope.

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