Razer is a leader in peripherals for both personal computing and video gaming consoles. The manufacturer has been putting out increasingly better, award-winning, and leading accessories for gamers over recent years. In order to keep up with the trends and constant offerings, the company has slowly begun acquiring smaller third parties and started incorporating their technologies in their own lineups. One such acquisition is none other than Controller Gear, a renowned accessory maker specialising in stands and docking stations for Xbox and PlayStation. The acquisition is now finally bearing fruit with a set of Quick charging stands for console controllers. The Razer Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation 5 is one such product. 

Unlike its competitor, the PlayStation 5 brings convenience to its gamers with controllers that do not require any third party batteries. While the tradeoff is a markedly quicker drain on battery life (in order to cut back on controller weight), one cannot deny the long-term money savings and hasslefree gaming experience if the controller remains plugged in between gaming sessions. However, it is in the matter of remembering to plug the controller in where the issue often lies; people get busy, they forget, and they get home to controllers that have not been charged. The resulting outcome being gaming sessions with controllers that are constantly plugged in, or delayed sessions with the pals. The Razer Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation 5 attempts to remedy this problem. 

Quick Charging is a universal feature offered by many modern power adapters and chargers, bearing one simple rule: if a product comes with a USB-C connection, it can draw enough power to work at capacity within 30 minutes or less. This same truth applies to the Razer Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation 5. Putting aside the wonderfully recyclable packaging, when opening the box gamers will be met with a hefty charging dock, a lengthy braided USB-C to USB-A cable, and a fancy Razer sticker for gamers who like to show off their allegiances. 

The Razer Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation 5 comes in a variety of colours, starting with the default black Razer is known for, a beautiful white matching the PlayStation 5’s default colour; or Purple, Blue, Pink, and a delectable ‘Vamers’ Red (although it is markedly more maroon in person than the images make it out to be due to the company’s attention to the same colours featured throughout the official PlayStation 5 DualSense controller lineup). The idea here is for gamers to match their Razer Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation 5 with their own setups, whether they have fancy new plates on their consoles, or prefer one of the other PlayStation 5 controller colours. 

Packaging and colours aside, the Razer Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation 5 comes with a lot of heft, which adds to the premium feel. It is composed of a hard plastic and grippy silicone, both of which make knocking or moving the dock a bit of a challenge. The dock is shaped beautifully as well, with curves mimicking the general aesthetic of the PlayStation 5. Its cradle is equally as solid and essentially just works: regardless of how carelessly one docks their controller, it will always catch and sit correctly thanks to intelligently installed magnets underneath its hard plastic body. A pair of pins connects with the controller and immediately begins charging the moment it makes a connection, ensuring gamers will always be met with a charged controller when it is game time. 

Quick Charging may be a massive convenience, but it also comes with a set of trade offs. Thankfully, Razer has implemented solutions and smart technologies to ensure peace of mind during every use. This includes overcharge and short circuit prevention, which is good news for gamers with sweaty palms. Razer claims a full charge can be reached within three hours of the controller being docked, but in our experience it can go as quickly as two, or even less. 

One disappointing omission from the Razer Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation 5 is how it does not come with its own power source. While somewhat nitpicky, this means gamers will have to contend with plugging the dock into a Quick Charging adapter of their own, or keep the dock plugged into their console. While not a huge twist of fate, it does somewhat limit where users can place the dock. Thankfully it fits right into pretty much any standard PlayStation 5 setup and looks stellar on any entertainment console. 

The Razer Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation 5 is an excellent addition to any gaming setup. The PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller necessitates constant charging, and a stand like this can be considered a quality of life improvement to the nth degree. It looks incredible regardless of where it is housed, and feels like a premium product worthy of its admittedly premium price tag (ZAR ~R1,000 / AUS $84). The Quick Charging technologies included in the stand always ensure a quick and easy solution to the age-old issue of controller batteries running empty during sessions. Thankfully the included USB-C cable is also long enough to get past most limiting factors in finding the perfect place for the stand, and its heft and sturdy placement allows gamers to practically throw the controller on it without the added worry that it will not sit well for a proper charge. While a convenience product through-and-through, the Razer Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation 5 should not be overlooked by anyone who values their own time and comfort. Like its Xbox counterpart, it sets the standard for other devices of its type, and can be considered an absolutely essential part of any gaming kit.



Ultimate wireless charging convenienceNo power source
Sleek design fits every PlayStation 5 setup
Great build quality

Device temporarily provided for review by Razer.

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