Bioware revealed during the Electronic Arts (EA) press conference at E3 in June that the next Mass Effect title, Mass Effect: Andromeda, will be released during the 2016 holiday season (around Christmas time) for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been in development since the release of Bioware’s excellent Mass Effect: Citadel downloadable content in 2013. Bioware has remained tight-lipped about the new title, but has revealed that players will yet again take on the role of a male or female human character, one who will explore a brand new galaxy called Andromeda, and that the game will take place quite some time after the events that transpired in the previous trilogy.

Just like in the previous games, players will also get to pilot a brand new and improved Mako all-terrain-vehicle (as shown in the trailer – Ed). Like with previous games in the series, players will also get to work with a brand new team of adventurers, with whom they could fight alongside, learn from, and fall in love with.

Bioware has said that, for Mass Effect: Andromeda, they want to start building the game up from a foundation composed only of the best parts of their previous Mass Effect games while also trying to expand the very definition of what one should expect from a Mass Effect experience. I wonder who the new Commander Shepard will be?

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