Vaemrs - FYI - Movies - Captain America The Winter Soldier [Official Trailer] - Movie PosterMarvel’s Captain America is back for another instalment of action, suspense and entertaining comic book mayhem in the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger.

The film stars a myriad of hollywood superhero notables, with Chris Evans (Push, Not Another Teen Movie), Scarlett Johansson (Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Island) and Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction, The Long Kiss Goodnight) all reprising their Avengers roles as Captain America, Black Widow and Nick Fury, respectively. The movie also stars Robert Redford, Cobie Smulders, Emily VanCamp, Anthony Mackie and Sebastien Stan, and is directed by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo (Community, Happy Endings).

After being thawed out in Marvel’s Avengers: Assemble, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) struggles to embrace his new role as an icon of the modern world, a matter which becomes even more complicated once he partners with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) to thwart a new threat from old history: the soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier (Sebastien Stan).

Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits South African theatres on Friday 28th March 2014 (an entire week before the USA).


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