The time is finally here, folks. Peter Parker’s PlayStation 4 exclusive debut has landed in the hands of critics, and the embargo has lifted. Unfortunately, we did not get an early review code for the game and, much like you, have to wait until launch to play and offer our verdict on the title. As such, we have decided to bring you a Marvel’s Spider-Man Review Roundup with the scores from all local South African sites (and some of the big international ones too).

The consensus seems to be that the game is a hit! Personally, I have been a little bit afraid of what the game might be like. It has been hyped to no end, and even featured its own little “puddlegate” graphical downgrade controversy in the past week or so. Fortunately the game appears to be a hit, which definitely makes me want to play it even more! We will also have our own review on the site as soon as we have had a chance to play it. Without further ado, here is the Marvel’s Spider-Man Review Roundup (simply click on a score to read the full review).



For a more holistic representation of scores, please feel free to visit Metacritic.

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