If you know about Peter Parker, you know that he works for the Daily Bugle as a reporter and that he will often take photographs of himself as Spider-Man in order to get the ‘best scoop’ on the popular web slinger. The good news is that Parker’s photo taking abilities are confirmed for his PlayStation 4 exclusive outing in the form of Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode.

The announcement comes by way of Insomniac Games who put together a stellar new trailer that showcases exactly how Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode works. Although an announcement trailer might seem overkill for a ‘photo mode’, what it allows players to do is what really makes it special: create comic book-like covers!

One of the absolute highlights of the announcement trailer, is that it clearly showcases how Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode will allow gamers to create their very own comic book covers, posters, postcards and more! In addition to offering typical photography options like tilt, zoom, colour filters, focus, aperture, and “kind of camera” to name a few; it also has the option of utilising creative filters, frames, backgrounds, overlays, text and, best of all, stickers! You can even change the emotion that Spider-Man has for the photograph, or you can remove him completely to take a photo of the gorgeous setting. Whatever you choose to do, Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode appears to be able to accommodate your creative workflow.

Although photo modes are a dime a dozen in most games, the fact that Insomniac have built in such powerful and fun photo toolset is testament to the fact that the game has been made with love and care. I can easily see many people spending hours creating unique, interesting and imaginative artworks, courtesy of Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo Mode. 

I know for a fact that I will use it once the game launches on 7 September, 2018. Speaking of, the photo mode will be added to the game via a day one patch – meaning that disc users without Internet access will not have the mode by default.

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