Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion released earlier this week and it adds a brand new piece of lore to the Destiny narrative surrounding the Iron Lords mythos. It also introduces the new Supremacy player-versus-player game mode and private matches that are said to be quite enjoyable.

Wrath of the Machine will be a significant change from what players are used to. The Taken King Raid was quite a doozy, but most fans found that it did not live up the expectations. The Hard Mode, specifically, gained a lot of traction and negative opinion for being “too easy”.

Wrath of the Machine will be a new six-player Raid that players will partake in within the SIVA-infected Plaguelands. The trailer for the raid shows that players might have to do some platforming to complete it and it also looks like it is going to be a lot faster than the previous raid.

Bungie has also stated that a recommended Light Level (essentially the base attribute of your abilities and gear) is 360 for the Wrath of the Machine Raid.

Apart from the coming Raid, Rise of Iron added a variety of new exotic weapons, a new social hub called Felwinter Peak, and cooperative three-player Strikes. Rise of Iron also added more quests and a competitive multiplayer mode called Supremacy. To help players go into Wrath of the Machine easily, the light level has increased to 385.

Update: yep, it has a jumping puzzle.

Now that the Wrath of the Machine Raid has gone live, it is confirmed that the footage did indeed show a jumping puzzle. By keeping this article spoiler free, all I can say is that the jumping puzzle leads into the second encounter with Vosiks the Archpriest.

Wrath of the Machine is quite a bit different from the other raids in that players start out in the open. They then enter a stronghold and make their way downward into the belly of the beast.

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