Prepare your wallet as the Steam Summer Sale 2016 is almost here!

Paypal has, once again, leaked the starting date for the famous ‘Summer Sale’ for Valve’s massive gaming platform, Steam. According to PC Gamer, a Reddit user leaked the information online for the upcoming sale. The ‘leak’ was then corroborated by the PayPal United Kingdom’s Twitter account.

According to Paypal, the sale will begin this week – just in time to give game-buyers and hoarders a brief window to prepare for the sudden cut in their budgets for next month.

Thanks to E3 this year, many of us are hyped up and ready to buy whatever new blockbuster games arrive; many of which are expecting sequels in the coming months. As such, now would be a perfect time to pick up any titles that you may have missed in the past, before the inevitable sequels arrive.

[Source: PC Gamer]

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