Halo 5: Guardians, the highly anticipated sequel to Halo 4 and the second part in the Reclaimer Saga,  is releasing on the 27th October 2015, a date that many Halo fans have been waiting for anxiously. However, if the latest advertisement for the game is to be believed, it may very well also be a date that fans would soon like to forget.

The latest live-action trailer for Halo 5: Guardians is aptly titled “A Hero Falls” and showcases a global news report that is focussed on detailing the death of Petty Officer John 117, better known as Master Chief. 

Details of the incident are sparse, but flashes of the Chief in battle can be seen along with his eventual and unexpected ‘death’, which appears to take place at the climax of a Promethean sized cataclysmic event.

No additional details are given, but this is not the first time that 343 Industries and Microsoft Game Studios have hinted at the death of the Xbox franchise’s most beloved character. Only time will tell if these omens hold any truth, making the wait for the 27th October 2015 just that much more tantalising.


[Source: YouTube]

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