The latest live-action advertisements for Halo 5: Guardiansthe 343 Industries and Microsoft Game Studios sequel to Halo 4, offer two very different and highly intriguing viewpoints of both Master Chief and Spartan Locke – the two pivotal characters from the upcoming game.

In the first advertisement, Spartan Locke offers a lengthy tirade to a fallen Master Chief, who is surrounding by the rubble of a seemingly climactic battle. Locke claims that Masterchef is a betrayer and not a saviour, one who “was supposed to save us all”, but brought destruction instead of salvation. He then proceeds to point his pistol at Master Chief and villainously declares, “… now I must save us… from you”.

The second advertisement offers a parallel viewpoint of the exact same scenario, but this time Spartan Locke is fallen and amongst the rubble of a battle and Master Chief is the one offering the diatribe. Master Chief appears suitably unsettled and asks Locke if everything he has comprised and done has been worth it? He then points his pistol at Locke and chillingly voices, “You have completed your mission, Spartan Locke. Mine is just beginning”.

There is no denying that these two advertisements offer two drastically different viewpoints of one single event. This has resulted in a slew of confused viewers and fans who are left to ponder which viewpoint offers the truth and which the deception? Hence the hashtag: #HuntTheTruth.

The intrigue spurred by these wonderfully produced live-action advertisements is exactly what 343 Industries and Microsoft Game Studios were hoping for and is expertly complemented by the #HuntTheTruth Tumblr, which offers a fictional investigative audio series behind the events depicted in the above advertisements.

As the 27th October nears, the truth will be revealed, and I am very excited to to ‘jump in’ and explore all there is to Halo 5: Guardians.

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