How much do you really know about Master Chief, the heroic protagonist from Microsoft Game Studios’ most successful video game series, Halo?

If, like me, you have been with the Halo series since its release on the original Xbox in 2001, then you should know a fair amount about Petty Officer John 117. However, if you were not one of the many die-hard fans who also took the time and effort to read the accompanying Halo books and comic series, as well as watched all of the animated short stories and live-action Internet and television series; then there is a very good chance that your knowledge of Master Chief’s story will have many gaps – especially if all you know about him stems solely from the video games.

If you are as curious as I am to learn more about the legendary hero that is Master Chief, and simply do not have the time or inclination to actively seek out all there is to know about him, then you are in luck. The ingenious minds over at Halo Canon have done a truly exceptional job of piecing together the most complete history of Master Chief that I have had the pleasure of viewing.

From his birth all the way through to losing Cortana in Halo 4, and even including the new content found in the Master Chief Collection, Halo Canon’s brief, yet highly informative, history of Petty Officer John 117 is a must watch for fans of the Halo series as well as for gamers who are eagerly awaiting Halo 5: Guardians. Enjoy!

[Source: Halo Canon]

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