Master Chief’s fate was all but sealed in the last Halo 5 Guardians advertisement, which depicted the death of the legendary spartan. However, a new advertisement has been released that proves that everything is clearly not as it first appears.

The newest commercial for Halo 5 Guardians extends on previous information by implying that Master Chief has gone AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) and it is his unauthorised actions that have caused the massive destruction that has been seen in the most recent advertisements. Master Chief’s alleged lack of cooperation is the reason why Spartan Locke has been called into action. At least, that is how things currently appear.

The central theme behind the Halo 5 Guardians advertising campaign has been for gamers to #HuntTheTruth behind what has been shown. Hence, Master Chief’s ‘faux-death’ (the official story) is nothing more than a cover-up in order to allow Spartan Locke and his team to track down and capture the legendary spartan (the unofficial story).

Has our beloved hero really gone AWOL or is this just another ruse by ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) in an attempt to put the blame on Master Chief for something more sinister? I guess we will only find out when our ‘hunt for the truth’ ends. Bring on the 27th October 2015!

[Source: Xbox]

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