The web series Super Power Beat Down (SPBD) is most likely one of YouTube’s best kept geek secrets.

Created by brothers Aaron and Sean Schoenke, SPBD is a pseudo-interactive, fun and very well produced YouTube series that pits two iconic characters from the geekosphere against one another in an epic ‘super powered’ battle.

The show is hosted by Marisha Ray who moderates the often witty and banter driven dialogue between Damian Beurer and Andy Liegl, the two ‘professionals’ who debate the merits of each battling geek icon. The show is further enhanced by allowing audience members to vote for the outcome of each monthly battle royale.

For a web series SPBD is extremely well produced and features some seriously great special effects. Although the scripts and acting can, at times, be a little ‘eye-roll’ worthy, I found that it simply adds to the charm of a series that is light hearted, cool and honestly a lot of fun to watch.

Featured below are five of our current favourite SPBD episodes. If you like them, be sure to visit the SPBD channel. Enjoy!

Darth Vader versus Gandalf


Batman versus Wolverine



Lara Croft versus Nathan Drake


Superman versus Thor


Batman versus Dead Pool


[Source: SPBD]

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