Bethesda surprised quite a few people at the 2014 Entertainment Electronic Exposition with a teaser trailer of ID Software’s infamously delayed new DOOM game. 

Although ‘DOOM 4‘ was alluded to with ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’, whereby pre-orders of the game offer gamers access to the ‘DOOM 4’ beta, the only new information about the game comes in the form of a ‘sneak peek’ trailer (embedded below).

Not much is known about the new instalment in the DOOM franchise, but Bethesda and ID Software have promised a full reveal at QuakeCon in July 2014.

I personally hope that the new DOOM game will be a return to form for the series with plenty of horror moments that cause gamers to jump from fright.

The new DOOM is slated for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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