As a part of the E3 2016 proceedings, Electronic Arts (EA) have announced Play to Give: a charity that is fuelled by gameplay challenges.

In short, EA will be hosting a week long event that encourages gamers to play and complete certain challenges within a selection of games. At the end of the event period, EA will donate $1-million to five charities: HeForSheCode.orgNational Center for Women & Information TechnologyCODE2040, and SpecialEffect.

Interestingly, gamer participation and EA donating the money are not mutually exclusive. Rather, it would appear that EA is attempting to bring awareness to the aforementioned charities through offering incentives in its games. It is an interesting idea, but its effectiveness will need to be gauged in the long run. Either way, it is great of EA to be making such a charitable and sizeable donation.

To aid in bringing awareness to Play to Give, a number of EA games are offering special rewards to players. Beginning from the 12 June 2016, the following will apply:

  • Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline: Earn a Gold Battlepack by providing supplies to your teammates in need. As a community, Battlefield 4 players are challenged with getting a 45 million total re-supply score and Battlefield Hardline players are challenged with getting a 5 million re-supply score from 12 – 17 June 2016. By achieving either of those goals, contributing players will get rewarded with an extra Gold Battlepack via Battlelog.
  • Star Wars Battlefront: Players who complete any multiplayer match from 12 – 17 June 2016 can participate in the 3X Score Event, earning triple score and credits.
  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: From 12 – 14 June 2016, deploy a squad of female characters in Star Wars against the droids. Completing the quest for the first time will get you 50,000 credits, 1 Rey shard, 1 Princess Leia shard, and 25 shards needed to unlock a Jedi Knight Guardian. Subsequent completions will unlock shards of Princess Leia, Rey, Barriss Offee, or Ahsoka Tano.
  • FIFA 16: Participate in the Play to Give Cup in FIFA Ultimate Team during EA Play. Win the tournament and you will receive an untradeable Rare Mega Pack. Any future tournament wins in the Play to Give Cup will get you a Premium Coins Pack.
  • Madden NFL 16: Play Madden Ultimate Team from 12 – 19 June 2016, and complete a short objective list to receive 2,040 coins and a Pro Pack.

To learn more about EA’s Play to Give promotion, simply visit EA’s website.

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