Netflix has become well known for its diverse and original content, but its latest offering is something truly special. Supa Team 4 is the first African animation series to be produced by the global streaming service, and it promises to be a thrilling and entertaining ride for viewers of all ages.

The series follows the adventures of four schoolgirls from Lusaka, Zambia, who stumble upon a mysterious portal leading them to a secret underground lab. Here they find four high-tech suits granting them superpowers – and who would not want super powers? They also meet Mama K, a mysterious woman who claims to be their mentor and guide. She tells them they are the chosen ones to protect their city from various threats, such as a mad scientist, a ruthless gangster, a giant robot and an ancient evil – among many more zany escapees.

The four stars of the show are Wanga, a confident and charismatic leader who can manipulate electricity; Chipo, a shy and smart inventor who can create gadgets and machines; Tandi, a bubbly and energetic dancer who can control sound waves; and Zara, a cool and calm hacker who can access any digital device. Together, they form Supa Team 4, a group of superheroes who balance saving the world with doing their homework and chores.

Supa Team 4 is the brainchild of Zambian writer Malenga Mulendema, who was inspired by her own childhood experiences of growing up in Lusaka. She wanted to create a show celebrating African culture and stories, and showcases the strength, intelligence and bravery within all young people. She also wanted to challenge the stereotypes and clichés often surrounding Africa in mainstream media.

Supa Team 4 is the first African animation series to be produced by Netflix, & it promises to be a thrilling & entertaining ride for viewers.

To bring Mulendema’s vision to life, she teamed up with South African animation studio Triggerfish, which has produced acclaimed films such as Zambezia and Khumba, as well as London-based kids’ entertainment specialist CAKE, which has worked on shows such as Angelo Rules and Bottersnikes & Gumbles. Handling the animation for the series is Superprod Animation in France, which has also worked on shows such as Pat the Dog and Lassie.

Supa Team 4 features an impressive cast of voice actors from across Africa and beyond. The four girls are voiced by Zowa Ngwira (Wanga), Namisa Mdlalose (Chipo), Nancy Sekhokoane (Tandi) and Sparky Xulu (Zara). They are joined by veteran actors John Kani (Black Panther) and Pamela Nomvete (Coronation Street) as Mama K and Dr. Dulo respectively. The show also features international talents John MacMillan (Fleabag) as Mr. Biggs and Kimani Arthur (The Dumping Ground) as Nandi.

One of the highlights of the show is its original theme song, performed by Zambian rapper, singer and songwriter Sampa the Great. The song captures the spirit and energy of the show, as well as its message of empowerment and positivity. Better still, the series is also dubbed in isiZulu for South African audiences, with Linda Sokhulu (Isidingo) voicing Mama K in that version.

Supa Team 4 is set to premiere on Netflix from 20th July 2023, with eight episodes of 22 minutes each. The show has been designed to appeal to fans of animation, action, comedy and drama, as well as anyone who loves a good story. The hope is the series will also inspire young people to embrace their talents and dreams, and to believe in themselves and their friends. As Mama K says in the show: “You are stronger than you think. You are smarter than you know. You are braver than you feel”.

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