Monster Hunter World fans are getting yet another treat from Capcom! In particular, PC fans are getting highly sought-after tweaks and upgrades, and soon too! The Monster Hunter World PC graphics update will bring vast improvements to graphical fidelity through texture and bump map upgrades.

Capcom officially calls it a “High-Resolution Texture” pack, but it also comes with a few extra tweaks that go above mere texture upgrades. To help with the transition, the texture pack will also be accompanied by an additional patch coming to the game. Fans can expect an added TAA+FXAA anti-aliasing option in the Advanced Graphics Settings; a new ability for friends to join private sessions, and a number of quality of life changes.

Game clients will need to be updated to the newest version when the Monster Hunter World PC graphics update patch drops on 4 April 2019. However, this will not include the High-Resolution Texture pack. Players who want those, will need to head to the Steam Store, hit up the Downloadable Content page for the game, and then add the High-Resolution texture pack from there. Adding it to the DLC page is a nice way to keep it optional for folks with potato computers, such as myself.

Furthermore, it must be noted that the enhanced assets featured within the graphics update will take up an addition 40 GB of system storage, and will require at least 8 GB of dedicated graphics memory (VRAM).

The Monster Hunter World PC graphics update will improve PC textures that have been lacking when compared to the Xbox and PlayStation versions. Graphical comparisons that came out at launch revealed that while the assets have generally been improved upon on PC, weird engine tweaks caused them to display badly and look worse on PC. Capcom has addressed this issue with prior updates to the game, but never got it right. Even so, the game looks incredible on PC, and with this texture pack, it is set to look even better.

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