Gamers eager to try experimental features and updates can now sign up to join the PlayStation 4 System Software Beta program. Sony has announced that the program is now live and beta registrations are officially open. The move is, no doubt, Sony’s answer to the highly successful Xbox Preview Program, which has allowed Microsoft to continually review and modify the Xbox One and Windows 10 experiences with direct input from gamers.  

According to Sony, it is “nearly time for another major system software update”. As such, the announcement that the PlayStation 4 System Software Beta program is open for registration is obviously a means of allowing users to test the new software before it releases to the general public. Similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Preview Program,  being a part of the ‘beta software trials’ effectively allows gamers to have a direct input in the way the system software is shaped. The only downside is that users will have to put up with bugs and glitches, but that is part and parcel of registering for these beta/preview programs.

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Sony have remained tight lipped with the impending PlayStation 4 System Software Update 4.5. As such, this new beta program will be the only way to experience any new features that may be added to the 4.5 update. In fact, the announcement of the PlayStation 4 System Software Beta program is the first piece of updated news concerning the PlayStation 4’s software since the release of version 4.0 in September 2016. With that said, the upcoming 4.5 update may feature a few user interface (UI) tweaks, and even better security.

Gamers who are interested in signing up simply need to head on over to the PlayStation 4 System Software Beta program registration page. As easy as this seems, and it is, Sony have attributed a few conditions to becoming a beta tester. For starters, you need to be at least 18 years old; own a working PlayStation 4, have a steady Internet connection; and have access to a Master PlayStation Account.

Sony have also made it quite clear that participating and registering for the PlayStation 4 System Software Beta program does not guarantee participation. However, those who do get accepted will receive further instructions about the program via email.

The registration period for the PlayStation 4 System Software Beta program is open until the beta releases sometime in February 2017. Sony have also added that gamers who participate can always roll-back to a previous update if they do not enjoy participating in the beta.

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