Final Fantasy XV is so close, I can practically smell the discs being loaded onto the courier vans at this very moment. Imagine finally getting your hands on your very own copy of the game, ripping that plastic off, and feeding that disc to your console. Then imagine the horror as the game forces you to sit down and wait for that massive 10 GB day-one patch to download and install. Well, we have got you covered!

Sitting down, bummed and saddened, you will likely pick up the box and ogle its artwork. It is there that you notice the beautiful-as-ever logo accompanying the Final Fantasy name. What is it exactly? A girl with some kind of a sun behind her? Is she sleeping? Is she even alive? What do these Final Fantasy logos mean?


Those questions will continue to stir in our mind until we get to finish the game and look back and think about it. Fortunately, Youtuber and fellow Final Fantasy lover, Laser Time, asked all those questions and more about previous Final Fantasy logos.

In an 11-minute long video (embedded below), Laser Time casually goes over what the Final Fantasy logos mean for all past games in the seris. The revelations range from simple heroic artwork to all-out spoilers in later games — fortunately only in retrospect. Some of the games may have been super easy to figure out, such as Squall and Rinoa embracing in Final Fantasy VIII. However, there are quite a few logos with much more intricate meanings (that also means super spoiler territory). With that said, I was certainly very surprised with a couple of the findings in Laser Time’s video. In particular, the Final Fantasy X logo blew me away! I am surprised that I never figured it out.

Final Fantasy XV releases on 29 November 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Tell us what you think the Final Fantasy XV logo means in the comments down below. Who knows, maybe you are the one who totally calls the super plot twist hidden in there!

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