iPhone owners know that Apple’s devices do not have the option of additional physical storage via SD Cards etc. Despite this, Apple still offers devices with 16 GB of storage, a measly figure given today’s High Definition pictures and videos. As such, many iPhone customers usually opt for the more expensive mid (32 Gb – 64 GB) or high-cost (128 GB) storage variants. However, given the cost of the devices, many people still enter the market with a 16 GB iDevice. Those who do know all to well the woes of “low storage space”.

One would think that Apple’s iCloud offering, would be a decent compromise. Sadly, it really is not and Google has taken notice. Enter Google and Google Photos.

With an unlimited storage option (for 16-Megapixel or smaller photos) and a very generous 15 GB free option for bigger photos, it really is a no-brainer. As a long-time 16 GB iPhone owner, one must adapt to the art of cloud storage. For instance, I personally have Dropbox, Google Photos, and iCloud setup in order to maximise my 16 GB of storage.


With a happy-go-lucky ad, Google has effectively highlighted every single PG-13 scenario where full storage could not have worse timing. The video scrolls though all of the differing scenarios to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody… and is it brilliant.

The advert also introduces a brand new feature for Google Photos called Free Up. This deletes all photos stored locally on the device that have already been uploaded onto the Google servers; freeing up space for more photos. Thanks Google.

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