When it comes to iOS app updates, major overhauls are few and far between. Every now and then, however, developers surprise us with slight, yet very noticeable changes. Things that make everything look brand new once more. Google has updated their popular navigation app in just such a way.

The new Google Maps update features colour and styling changes that better highlights information that is most relevant to the users search. The update may seem tiny at best, but so much has changed — the most important of which being brand new coloured icons for various places of interest.

This is done in such a way as to make it easier to identify the types of places people see on the map. Points of Interest, such as churches, museums and hospitals, are colour-coded in different and very distinct colours. Spotting a grocery store is now easier because users know that they are always blue, for instance. Similarly, coffee shops and restaurants are orange; hospitals and clinics appear pink; and entertainment facilities are now “sea-foam green”. Road closures, construction updates and car accidents will also become more prominent.

In addition, the Google Maps update also brings icons of important stops along your route to the forefront. Petrol stations, as an example, will appear more prominent during navigation. Train Stations or Bus Stops will appear larger when users are on the transit map. This is all in addition to slight grading changes and sharper details on the larger map when zooming out.

The company started to roll out the new Google Maps update in December, 2017. It will come to all devices running Google Maps.

Google has also stated that, over time, the new style will appear in others apps, websites and experiences offered by companies that use the Google Maps API. The same style and design will also roll out to other Google apps in the near future.

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