It is no secret that the 500GB of standard storage on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles is laughably small, especially since modern blockbuster video games clock in well over the 30GB mark per install.

Unlike the Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4 does not allow external storage to be used for game installs. Current owners are able to swap the internal hard drive to a larger size, however.

Gamers who have yet to jump onto the current generation gaming bandwagon will be pleased to know that Sony have launched a 1TB version of the console known as the PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player 1TB Edition.

The new bundle is available at retailers nationwide and has a suggested retail price of R5999.

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PlayStation®4 Ultimate Player 1TB Edition – Available Now

“This is for those who want the best made even better. This is for the Players”

 South Africa, Johannesburg, 17th August 2015 –– SterKinekor Entertainment today announce PlayStation®4 Ultimate Player 1TB Edition which is now available in South Africa – the world’s most powerful console has just been made bigger….AND better. The new PlayStation® 4 Ultimate Player 1TB Edition boasts double the storage space of a 500GB PS4™, giving players massive amounts of space to be able to better experience unrivalled graphic performance, the biggest New Gen blockbusters and the best exclusive gaming content. Explore everything and get the PlayStation®4 Ultimate Player 1TB Edition now from your local participating retailer* for only R5, 999.00**.

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