Kratos is back for some spectacular hack and slash action in God of War: Ascension, the seventh installment in the long running God of War franchise. The game, which releases today,  offers greater insight into the source of Kratos’ abysmal anger and hatred for the Gods of Olympus. God of War: Ascension is available in three flavours: standard (R600), special edition (R799) and a collectors edition (R1100).

A prequel to the rest of the God of War games, Ascension delves into the source of Kratos’ vengeance by starting off six months after he murders his wife and child whilst under the influence of Ares. Naturally, Kratos swears to avenge the only people he ever loved by embarking on a long quest for revenge caused by Ares’ betrayal. To do so, Kratos breaks his blood oath with Ares, but oaths to Olympus are not so easily broken. Sentenced to an eternity chained within the prison for The Living Damned, Kratos must challenge the Furies as he seeks freedom from Olympus, redemption for his sins, and the clarity to avenge his family.

The biggest element that sets this God of War game apart from the rest is its multiplayer. For the first time players will be able to harness and use Kratos’ immeasurable power against other people from across the globe in glorious combat. If that was not good enough, the game also comes with a demo of Naughty Dog’s hotly anticipated The Last of Us – which I am most excited for.

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