When Disney Princesses are not being replaced by Grumpy Cat, taking selfies on Instagram, or lending their likeness to sexy high heels, the lovely ladies are out in the world kicking butt… as 16-Bit Arcade fighters.

An artist who goes by the moniker of Mike V Design recently imagined Disney Princesses like Nala, Cinderella, Snow White, Repunzel and Ariel, among others, as 16-bit arcade fighters. Interestingly, the princesses do not look as out of place as one might expect.

The artist’s inspiration comes from 16-bit arcade classics, such as Street Fighter and Marvel VS Capcom, and is a style that lends itself surprisingly well to each Disney Princess. In fact, I would throw my hard earned money towards a fighting video game that featured Disney charactersespecially the princesses.

Each of Mike V Design’s pixelated princesses have been embedded below. Which fighter would you choose?

[Source: #MikeVDesign]

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