Skyrim Elder Dragon

The equation is simple:

Skyrim + Unlimited Dragons = Awesome Chaos!

If you are lucky enough to be playing the PC version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim then you can make use of the exploit discovered by Shibby2142 to spawn an unlimited number of dragons in your game. How cool is that?

The tweak allows you to spawn a dragon anywhere and at any time throughout the game. Simply bring up the game’s console (hit the tilde ` key) and paste the following code followed by ‘enter/return’: player.placeatme 000FEA9B

Courtesy of this exploit, players will no longer need to worry about hunting these majestically powerful creatures to extinction. The best part is that you can have as many dragons as you like. Well, as many as your hardware can handle.

For more PC only Skyrim ‘cheats’ click here. It should be noted that using the aforementioned code or any other ‘cheat’ may disable your Steam achievements, so you use them at your own risk.

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[Source: PC GamerKotaku]

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