Monday, February 17, 2020

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South Africa Gets an Official Comic Con!

The rumours are true. Comic Con, the worlds biggest, grandest and geekiest expo, is officially heading to South Africa.

The Wolverine [Official Trailer]

The official trailer for The Wolverine is here.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it is RC Superman!

Former US Air-force test pilot helps Superman return to the skies.

Wonder Woman Movie Trailer [Fan Made]

Jesse Johnson creates a gritty and dark fan-made Wonder Woman trailer.

The Imaginative Superhero Silhouettes of Children

The imaginative purity of children is captures beautifully in Andy Fairhurst's collection of Superhero Kids silhouettes.

When Spider-Man Villains meet The Simpsons

The villains of Spider-Man merge with the characters of the Simpsons in this creative mashup.

The Ovengers: Foodies Assemble!

The Avengers have returned as kitchen appliances in artist Geoffrey Sagers parodic 'The Ovengers".

Minimalist Batman Icon Set

Digital artist Greg Barnes has shared his adoration for DC Comics' caped crusader by creating a set of fantastic Batman themed desktop icons.

Wearable LEGO Master Chief Armour inspired by HALO

Benny Caulkin has crafted Master Chief's Spartan armour, in all its glory, entirely out of LEGO! Even better, this LEGO Master Chief armour can be worn

Grand Theft Auto: Gotham City

The mashup between our favourite caped crusader's universe and the playground of an open-ended world, like the games in Rockstars Grand Theft Auto series, would be a dream come true.

Awesome Slinky

The Slinky is a staple childhood toy. At some point or another we have all owned or, at the very least, played with a Slinky. I remember being entranced...

Vamers Geekmas Gift Guide 2012 [Part III]

The 2012 Vamers Geekmas Gift Guide consists of 30 geektastic gifts. The items have been split into three separate posts of 10 gifts each. Post III is for those with deep pockets.

Vamers Geekmas Gift Guide 2012 [Part II]

The 2012 Vamers Geekmas Gift Guide consists of 30 geektastic gifts. The items have been split into three separate posts of 10 gifts each. Part II is for the mid-to-big spender.

Vamers Geekmas Gift Guide 2012 [Part I]

The 2012 Vamers Geekmas Gift Guide consists of 30 geektastic gifts. The items have been split into three separate posts of 10 gifts each. Part I is for the budget conscious buyer.

Win With Vamers: Angry Birds Star Wars Plushies

To celebrate the launch of the fantastic Angry Birds Star Wars game from Rovio, we are giving away three Angry Birds Star Wars plushies.

Holy Robin!

Batman slapping Robin 'the boy wonder' is still one of the most popular and funny superhero memes available. According to Internet lore, the first appearance of the Batslap meme appeared over three years ago.

Minimalist Marvel Posters

Minimalism. You either love it or you hate it. I, for one, thoroughly enjoy a minimalist ethos to design especially when function is not hampered by form.

Lego Halo Ringworld

LEGO is often regarded as a children's toy. However, this popular Danish export enjoys quite a large user-base of adults who create awesome non-official LEGO playsets.

Skottie Young Does Baby Covers for Marvel NOW!

In the 90s Marvel injected some "youth" into their most recognised franchises by creating the X-Babies - cute, pint-sized versions of characters.

Insert Coin

Welcome to Vamers. Stay. Read. Play. ‘Vamers‘ is a combination of two words: video and gamers. That is it. Simple and to the point. At Vamers we strive...

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